The Feedbox

The Feedbox is a dropbox for feeds.

Our tracking feeds let trackers subscribe to keywords and complex boolean expressions accross the open web.

We try hard to provide the largest coverage but sometimes, we miss some feeds which can be pretty important to you.

Of course, we filter porn, spam and broken feeds, but we also assert their popularity. The feedbox will easily get rid of the spam, porn and broken feeds and will only keep the popular ones.

Add a feed

Please use your Tracker login. We just ask this to prevent spam.


Please use a token which allows for subscriptions. We just ask this to prevent spam.



Send a POST request to with a single parameter: hub.topic for the feed URL you want to add to the feedbox.

We ask that you supply your Superfeedr Tracker login (and a token) to prevent spam. The feed is not added to your account.

curl -X POST
-u tracker:tracker-token